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How Pleated Fabric is Made and Common Types of Pleat

by Gila Chabat 04 Nov 2022

Pleated fabric is created by folding the fabric into small, even folds and then holding it in place with stitching or another type of fastener. The size of the fold and the spacing between the folds can vary, resulting in a wide range of pleat styles. 

There are a variety of pleats, each with a different name and purpose. Here are the most popular pleat styles for women. 

Knife Pleats 

Knife pleats are a type of fold that is created by folding fabric over on itself and then pressing or stitching the fold into place. The name comes from the fact that the fold resembles the blade of a knife. Knife pleats can be used to create a variety of different effects, from adding fullness to a skirt to creating a ruffled look. 

When knife pleats are stitched close together, they can create a rippled or ruffled effect. When they are spaced further apart, they add fullness to a garment without adding bulk. Knife pleats can also be pressed open, which creates a sleeker and more tailored look. No matter how they are used, knife pleats are a versatile way to add interest and dimension to any garment.

Box Pleats

Box pleats are one of the most popular types of pleats used in clothing and home décor. They are created by folding fabric into boxes or squares, and they can be used to add fullness, texture, and interest to a variety of items. Box pleats can be found on skirts, dresses, curtains, and even chair cushions. 

When creating a box pleat, the fabric is first folded in half lengthwise. Then, the top and bottom edges are folded inward to meet in the middle. Next, the sides are brought up and pressed flat. Finally, the pleat is stitched or ironed in place. The result is a sharp, clean pleat that can add structure and style to your outfit.

A monochromatic look can be very chic and stylish. To create a monochromatic look, match your skirt with your top. For example, you could wear this Alquema Boxy Skirt with a navy turtleneck, or a white blouse with a white pleated skirt. This is a great way to create a put-together look that is both stylish and easy to wear. 

Accordion Pleats

Accordion pleats are a type of straight pleat, meaning that they are sewn closed at the top. They get their name from their similarity to the folds of an accordion and are often used to add fullness or texture to a garment. To create an accordion pleat, the fabric is first gathered into a strip and then sewn at regular intervals. 

The resulting pleats can be either knife-edged or bias-cut, depending on the desired effect. When sewn onto a garment, accordion pleats will open when the garment is moved or worn, giving it a sense of movement and flow. Because of this, they are often used in dancewear or other garments that are meant to be seen in motion. 

You can also experiment with different textures and patterns to add interest to your look. For example, pair a pleated skirt with a chiffon top for a light and airy feel or combine a leather skirt with a silk blouse for a more luxurious look. By taking the time to mix and match different pieces, you can easily create a monochromatic look that is unique and stylish.

Sunburst Pleats

Sunburst pleats are a type of fold that is created by folding fabric in a series of radial folds. The resulting pleats radiate out from a central point, creating a sunburst-like effect. Sunburst pleats are often used to add visual interest to garments, and they can be made with a variety of fabrics. To create sunburst pleats, the fabric is first cut into strips. The strips are then folded in half and stitched together at the raw edge. 

Next, the strip is folded in half again and stitched together at the fold line. This process is repeated until all the fabric has been used. Finally, the pleats are pressed and stitched in place. Sunburst pleats can add a touch of drama to skirts, dresses, and other garments. When used sparingly, they can add just the right amount of interest to an otherwise simple design.

How to Rock Pleats This Season

Pleats are back in style and there are so many ways to wear them! This season, ditch the typical skirt and show off your personality with one of these trendy pleated looks.

How to Wear Pleated Midi Skirt 

A pleated midi skirt is a timeless piece that can be dressed up or down. For a night out, pair this lovely, pleated Carly Dress Print Med Life with a sleek top and heels. Or, for a more casual look, wear it with a cropped sweater and sneakers. Either way, you’ll be sure to turn heads!

How to Wear Pleated Mini Skirts

A pleated mini skirt is perfect for showing off your legs! To avoid looking too juvenile, pair it with a blazer or leather jacket. Throw on some strappy heels and you’re good to go! You’ll have all eyes on you in this ensemble.

How to Wear Pleated Maxi Skirts

If you want to make a statement, go for a pleated maxi skirt. The key to pulling this look off is to keep the rest of your outfit simple. Stick to solid colours or muted tones like this Alquema Estrella Ombre Pink on Pink Neck Structured Dress so that your outfit can really shine. Add some dainty jewellery and you’re all set! 

For this upcoming season, do not be afraid to experiment with pleats! There are so many ways to wear them, and they can really elevate any outfit. Whether you go for a midi, mini, or maxi skirt, just remember to have fun with it and rock the look with confidence! For gorgeous, pleated skirts and dresses designed by some of the most talented designers in fashion, check out our impressive collection here at Cavalli Designer Fashion. If you have any enquiries, you may reach our direct line on 0421 507 300 today.

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