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Gorgeous Outfits to Help You Stay Stylish and Warm this Winter

by Gila Chabat 18 Aug 2022

It’s never too late to update your winter wardrobe. Now that everyone seems to be more than happy to enjoy some time under the sun after a torturous two years of lockdowns and restrictions, it’s time to breathe new life into your closet. Whether you are looking for something to wear for a weekend barbecue with friends or a formal occasion, here are fashion staples that you shouldn’t miss. 

Sleeved Dresses

The cold shouldn’t stop you from showing off those long legs. There are only a few fast and hard rules when it comes to winter fashion. So long as it provides ample protection from the elements and you have additional layers to top off your outfit, then you are good to go. And when it comes to colours, you don’t need to be restricted to subdued hues. ThiS 3/4 Smash Pocket Dress with Lotus Print from Alquema is a lovely outfit to wear for indoor social gatherings. If you have an event to attend or a casual brunch with your friends, this dress will make you stand out in a sea of blacks and whites. This lovely dress has a unique Japanese Shobori crinkle crush effect that further accentuates the lovely lotus prints. In addition, this texture also gives the illusion of a longer torso. Made from 100% reverse satin, this delicate beauty is cosy, comfortable, and stunning whichever way you look.

ALQUEMA 3-4 Sleeve Smash Pocket Dress Lotus Print - cavalli gila

Animal Print Dress

An animal print dress for winter. Why not? This trend will be forever chic, no matter the season. The interesting and dynamic patterns of animal prints are highly versatile in that you can pair it with neutral-coloured denim, skirt, trousers, coats, and jackets. Animal prints are both subtle and bold, depending on the pattern and colour that you wish to wear. For instance, this Leopard Dress by Alquema is a stunner by itself. Due to its natural colouring, you can pair it with a leather jacket or a fur coat. Trust us, you will glam either way. If you’re attending a music festival or any other fun social gathering, you can easily pair this dress with your favourite books to look effortlessly chic. 

Alquema Leopard Dress - cavalli gila

Structured Dress

The good thing about structured dresses is that they do the hard work for you. No matter your body type, a structured dress will pull you at the right places. It offers both comfort and confidence when paired with the right accessories and footwear. This Ombre Charcoal V Neck Structured Dress by Alquema will bring poise and glamour to your day or night. The fading charcoal shade has a slimming effect, giving you that confidence boost. Structured dresses also give support, so you can move freely and confidently, no matter the activity.

ALQUEMA Estrella Ombre Charcoal V Neck Structured Dress - cavalli gila

Black Dresses

Black and white seem to be the primary colours of winter. This may look dull, especially when you have been wearing black outfits day in and day out for the last few weeks. However, with the right style, black dresses need not be boring. Take for instance the gorgeous silhouette and style of this Sleeve Smash Pocket Dress Black Solid by Alquema. It has 3/4 sleeves, providing you with much comfort, warmth, and protection from the cold air. As the name suggests, it features pocket sleeves at the hip where you can keep your essentials.

ALQUEMA 3-4 Sleeve Smash Pocket Dress Black Solid - cavalli gila

Coats and Jackets

A winter outfit wouldn’t be complete without coats and jackets. If you are wearing a dress, skirt, or a sleeveless top, an extra layer will deliver both warmth and style this winter season. As mentioned, you don’t need to restrict your options to muted colours. If you are wearing a dress in neutral shades, you can add a pop of colour by layering it with a printed coat. This Collare Coat be Alquema screams style and power. It comes in playful designs, from floral to abstract designs that are fresh and cool to the eyes. 

If you want a statement piece that will grab attention and compliment, this lovely Cloud Jacket by Alquema is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. It comes in various colours, including black, pink, and silver. The contemporary design and structure are not only drop dead gorgeous but will make you warm and cosy, too. The pleating and stitching combination also adds to its insulating properties, making it a  beautiful and highly functional piece that you can wear at the office, parties, and other special occasions. 

Cloud Jacket | Alquema - cavalli gila

Collare Coat Alquema - cavalli gila

Check out more stylish dresses, jackets, and winter essentials at Cavalli Designer Fashion. As a premier fashion boutique, you can find classic and modern pieces from established and emerging fashion brands. Our collection features fashion essentials for men and women. Drop by our shop or shop online to get the hottest dresses and bags from the comfort of home. 


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