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Winter Looks 2022: How To Stay Warm And Still Look Cute And Stylish

by Gila Chabat 15 Jul 2022

Winter season can be frustrating. Every time you get dressed, you are faced with the dilemma as to whether to feel comfortable or stylish. The good news is that there are always tips and tricks that you can apply to feel comfy and fashionable this winter season. 

Winter is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. Whilst warm weather calls for easy and breezy fashion pieces, winter requires a 360-degree change in outfits for all types of activities and occasions. One big misconception is that there are no fun and stylish winter outfits. As fashion has evolved through the decades, many clothing manufacturers and designers have come up with winter staples that address our comfort requirements. 

So, how can you stay consistently fashionable without compromising your comfort during the winter season? Here are some helpful tips. 

  • Gloves are a must

Gloves are definite winter staples. You don’t have to stick to dull colours. A good way of elevating winter gloves is by choosing ones with fun details, including sequins and fur. You may also try layering various colours and textures that are uniquely your own. If you want your hands to stay warm amidst freezing weather, look for winter gloves that are stuffed with wool. 

  • Don’t forget to wear the right pair of boots

Boots are winter must-haves! To add a touch of style to your winter outfit, make sure to purchase a good-quality pair of black boots. It’s a classic colour that you can pair with any type of outfit. Experiment with boots in various colours and textures. If you are looking to keep your feet extra toasty, choose from lined boots. Lined boots provide your feet with extra insulation and comfort even when you are outdoors for a prolonged period. Besides a good pair of sturdy and stylish boots, you must also choose socks that are thick enough for additional insulation.

  • Master the art of layering 

Layering is a practical way to dress up during winter. Instead of buying a completely new wardrobe for winter, you can simply layer the existing clothing items in your closet to stay comfortable and warm. Don’t be afraid to pile on layers of clothing essentials. The secret to stylish layering is knowing which items can provide you comfort without ruining the entire look. 

You can choose an ultra-thin and lightweight puffer or vest. You can pair this with under jackets and sweaters for extra layers of protection against the freezing weather. Find a trusty base layer made from fabrics with excellent insulating properties, such as wool and down. 

DOLCEZZA VEST - cavalli gila

  • Revitalise your winter wardrobe by belting your coats

By the middle of winter, you’ll most likely find yourself fatigued and bored wearing the same old coat day in and day out. To add new life to your coat, you must belt it. This means cinching your waist to further define your body shape. Cinching will help define your waist and give your old coat a more refreshing look. 

A safer way of belting your winter wardrobe is by starting with your puffer coat. Start by belting your coat with hidden buttons and find a belt with a near similar colour. Choose big belts that are classic yet inexpensive. 

Dolcezza Belted Coat - cavalli gila

  • Winterise your sweaters

Sweaters are versatile winter clothing staples. It’s easy to dress them down or up, depending on the occasion. Sweaters come in a variety of colours and designs. Whether you prefer chunky sweaters or delicate cardigans, keeping a few sweaters in your wardrobe will help amp up your style in winter. 

A turtleneck sweater will keep you warm and cosy during an extra time when the temperature falls below zero. For a more stylish option, you can pair your sweater with a sleek skirt or trouser. This is a great way to show off your figure without having to compromise your comfort and insulation requirements. You may also pair sweaters with leggings or tights if you are going for a more casual and fun look. 

Trouble cardigan - cavalli gila

  • How to accessorise this winter

Accessories will make all the difference in your winter wardrobe. Some winter accessories that you must add to your wardrobe include scarves, earmuffs, and hats. These accessories are a stylish way to add your unique personality to your daily outfits. 

These are just a few tips and tricks that you can follow this winter. There are many online clothing stores like Cavilli who specialise in fashionable winter clothing, coats and jackets. Don’t ignore your past winter staples as they will be useful if you are looking to layer up for warmth. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours, textures, and styles. Have a fashionable and comfortable time this winter by being more open to adding more winter staples to your closet. The good thing about these winter essentials is that you can always use some of these items during chilly nights or mornings for the rest of the year. 

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