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Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Best Bags For Mums With Kids Of All Ages

by Gila Chabat 27 Jun 2022

Mums are either our best friends or frenemies. We sometimes get along with so many things or not at all. A mother’s job is rewarding at the same time tiresome, it is not a walk in the park. One way we can reward our mums for all the love they have shown us is to give them something they can use every day. And what could that be, a bag! Mums don’t leave the house without it. It is every woman's most requested gift idea after all. And just to give you ideas on what type of bags we can give them, let us give you some tips on how to choose the best bags for our mums.

Sweet Pea Leather Back Pack - cavalli gila

All About Backpacks

A backpack is an all-around piece of fashion item. It is useful and practical, especially for mums. It is not only a valuable and practical bag but is also a chic and stylish accessory perfect for every situation and season. One thing that comes to mind in choosing a backpack, you’d think about your necessities, your day-to=day activities and what are the things you would need for the day. For mums, they would probably need a lot! Cavalli’s Sweet Pea Leather Backpack is an example where fashion and practicality meet. These are sturdy and durable leather backpack for women, with a classic and modern design. It is lightweight, and perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Carefully crafted from Vegetable tanned leather and ethically manufactured, this backpack is convenient and compact whilst making you look chic.

Ellie Leather 2 in 1 Convertible Shoulder Bag - Backpack - Gabee - Cavalli Gila

Cavalli’s Convertible Bag

Can’t decide which one to buy, maybe a shoulder bag? Or a backpack? Why not have both? A convertible shoulder bag-backpack is very useful for mums. You can basically wear it with different outfits and times, whether a day at the grocery, attending your child’s parent assembly at school, or watching your child’s football game, it is an all-around bag. It’s the perfect bag because you can adjust it each time depending on your needs or your mood. Thanks to its amazing design and its changeable handles, this lovely convertible shoulder bag and backpack can be used all year round, on every occasion. 

The Ellie 2 - in 1 convertible shoulder bag and backpack is made from soft leather with handy side zips to expand the edges and increase space, as well as a front zip and recessed top zip. The straps conceal and lock the top zip access, making this one a very pretty anti-theft travel bag. 


ORAN RH-9579 Ava - cavalli gila - tote bag

Cavalli’s Tote Bags

Tote bags are the handiest accessory with a huge opening to put all you need for the day. It is used mostly by mums since it is easy to carry and you can just shove everything in especially if you are in a hurry. It has become a staple in most women timelessly whether it is an elegant fashion statement that will turn heads in no time. Most women match the colour of their shoes to the bags, which makes it more fashionable and that will make all your outfits pop.  It is an investment and a women’s daily companion because it is comfortable and stunningly beautiful. This leather tote bag is durable and has a renowned quality that you just can’t miss. Many women, most especially mums will benefit from its strength and that makes it the most practical bag and makes it an important investment for mums. An elegant leather tote is also a status symbol because of how stylish it looks. This bag is spacious enough to store all your important things like phones, wallets, keys, and cards to name a few. With so many compartments, there is no end to what you can put in there, as long as it is all worth carrying in these fabulous bags. 

Whether for work or just a day for shopping, nothing beats a bag that is for practicality and durability, at the same time sets a statement. It is never ordinary because mums are the most extraordinary person who deserves nothing less than the best. They deserve all the amazing things in this world and what it can offer. Whatever challenges life brings them, they are always on their A-game bringing out the best only for her family.

It is never too late to show love to our mums. After all, every day is Mum’s Day! Check out Cavalli for more quality leather bags that you just shouldn’t miss. 


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